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Weekly &

Bi-Weekly Mowing


Clean Up

Garden Beds



Weed Control
Lawn Strip
Deep Root Fertilization

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Mowing

Set up your service and we'll show up like clockwork! Our service includes:


  • Mowing (front & back)

  • Blowing (all  debris removed) 

  • Edging (sidewalks, house, and street)

  • Mulching (leaving yard super clean)



Whether you are starting from zero or needing to redo your current landscaping, we have everything you need

  • planting hedges, flowers

  • mulch & rock

  • pavers

Tree & Hedge

Tree & Hedge Trimming

Keep your trees and hedges beautiful & healthy all year!  Our Tree & Hedge Includes:

  • Trimming/removing low hanging or intrusive branches

  • Removing or diseased limbs

  • Regular hedge trimming.

Weed Control & Fertilizer

Texas lawns are tough!  Let us help keep your yard beautiful & weed-free! Service includes:

  • Spreading Fertilizer, & weed-and-feed.

  • Spraying for weeds,

  • Extra-strong weed killer for garden beds

  • Optional Extras: Pete moss, dethatching, manure, organic/non-toxic / pet-friendly products

Spring | Fall Clean Up

Let us do the seasonal grunt-work! We'll make l property will be immaculate all year! Includes:

  • Leaf & Debris removal

  • Cutting back dead or overgrown branches

Garden Beds

Whether you have mulch or rock beds we'll keep them fresh, filled and weed-free. If you are having a hard time controlling weeds, or fighting ants and bugs that mulch attracts, we will transition your mulch beds to rock. Services include:

  • Cleaning & weeding garden beds

  • Laying weed-preventing paper

  • Weed-killer

  • Mulch to Rock Transition

  • High-quality edging

Power Washing

We use organic, non-toxic cleaners to make your property look well taken care of! We recommend power washing driveways and sidewalks every 3 years. 

  • Sidewalks

  • Driveways

  • Patios 

  • Decks

  • Fences

Power Washing
Weed Control
Full Yard Clean Up
Rock &Mulch
Power Washing

Other Services

We also offer these services to make sure your property is always the talk of the neighborhood!

Foundation preservation | Yard Leveling | Thatching | Compost

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